On the point of life

I was tickled pink by this exchange between one girl’s mum (who hosted a Philosophy Club workshop at her home), and another girl’s dad (who arrived a little early to pick up his daughter).

Mum:  Come on in, the workshop will be over soon – the kids just need a few minutes more to finish up.

Dad:  I guess they still have to discuss the meaning of life before they go, right? (laughs)

Mum:  Oh no – they finished that hours ago!

It’s true. One of the Little Philosophers had raised an ethically perplexing scenario from Doctor Who, and this turned out to be a perfect springboard into a group discussion about the point of life and what constitutes a good life.

In this video – part meditation, part inquiry, part fervent manifesto – the voices of the children (aged 10 – 12) are paired with some of the finest street photography from the 1950s & 60s (as well as some contemporary aerial photography), lovingly chosen to resonate with the the children’s perceptions, moral struggles and wonderment.

I hope this will offer a taste of the kind of conversations we have at The Philosophy Club, as well as a glimpse of children’s capacity for philosophical insight and reflection.

The Philosophy Club runs co-curricular and extra-curricular workshops for children in Australia.


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