The Philosophy Club’s Philosopher-in-Residence program provides a model of school-wide philosophical engagement, teacher support and community awareness. It deepens understanding and accelerates skill development in collaborative philosophical enquiry during an intensive period of practice.

Michelle Sowey, The Philosophy Club’s founding director, takes on the role of Philosopher-in-Residence at schools around Australia. For each residency project, she is embedded in a particular school for a negotiated period, and is available to deliver any of The Philosophy Club’s programs and services.

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As required, Michelle facilitates student workshops in primary and secondary school classrooms; delivers teacher professional development; assists with curriculum planning; and facilitates parent and community events centred on collaborative philosophical enquiry.

The Philosopher-in-Residence program is viewed as a partnership between The Philosophy Club and the host school, working together towards outcomes that school leaders and teachers are seeking. The specific activities of the Philosopher-in-Residence are agreed by negotiation.

Please download a detailed overview of the Philosopher-in-Residence program.

You can also read an accessible introduction to our practice:
Sowey, M. (2021) Unveiling and Packaging: A model for presenting philosophy in schools, Human Affairs, 31(4), 2021.

Please contact Michelle for further information or to obtain a quote.