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Philosophy Unleashed! is a rewarding enrichment program for high-performing students in Years 7 – 10. Philosophy Unleashed! develops students critical and creative thinking through collaborative dialogue about life’s big questions.

Designed especially for students in Special Entry learning programs (such as SEAL, SEL & ACE), Philosophy Unleashed! harnesses students’ curiosity and extends them intellectually through a series of small-group facilitated workshops led by expert mentors.

Philosophy Unleashed! consists of a series of facilitated small-group workshops offering complex, meaningful and challenging activities. They extend especially bright students intellectually and inspire them fulfil their academic potential, while also developing social-emotional skills including self-awareness, social awareness and responsible decision-making.

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The Philosophy Club has worked with a range of primary and secondary schools across the socio-economic spectrum, offering award-winning and inspiring programs to hundreds of students.

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