Sample workshop topics



A prudent question is one half of wisdom.”
Francis Bacon

Sample workshop topics for the primary years

We present our unique curriculum of stimulating philosophical topics in ways that are entertaining and accessible to students of all ability levels.

All our workshops include collaborative enquiry and dialogue. We begin by presenting a selection of multimedia stimulus materials such as visual stories, short films, dramatic role-play, tailor-made audio soundtracks, thought experiments, inventions, drawings, games and puppet theatre. These diverse “idea catalysts” provoke thinking, elicit creative responses and generate rich discussions among the children.

Sample workshop topics are listed below.

Who’s the boss of me?
Self-control and decision-making; free will and determinism; fate
Getting away with it
The point of being good; praise and blame; rules and laws
To boldly go where no child has gone before
Space travel; colonising other planets; encountering alien life; extra-terrestrial intelligence
What is it like to be a bat?
Communicating without a common language; sensory perception and experience; animal minds; empathy

Little Philosophers MW + KT

Who, me?
Criteria for selfhood; continuity of personal identity; the role of memory
Me, myself and I
Cloning; individuality; ends and means; the risk of creating an underclass
Not fair!
Justice, surveillance and moral responsibility; ethical judgements and moral ambiguity; values
Living in the Matrix
The Experience Machine, reality and simulation; the value of authenticity

Fun and games 2

Ghost in the machine
Philosophy of mind; being conscious; the mind-body connection; knowledge of other minds
When things start to think
Real-life robots and artificial intelligence; Rube Goldberg machines, purpose and intention
My brother, the ape
Evolution, biology and culture; scientific and magical thinking; the dinosaur-and-egg paradox
Anyone could draw that!
Art and authorship; beauty and subjectivity, aesthetic judgements, art forgery

Little Philosophers DB + NL

Whadd’ya know?
Ways of knowing; belief and superstition; truth and justification
That’s so weird!
The existence of luck; destiny; coincidence; probability
Pobody’s nerfect
Human perfection; collective moral responsibility; moral bio-enhancement.
Where’s my jetpack?
Speculative futures; social evolution; utopias and dystopias; immortality.

Young Philosophers YM + TS2

Philosophy for high school students

See our Select Entry Enrichment program details (2018), which outlines the content of our workshops for high school students.

We also create tailored programs to suit individual schools. Please contact us for further information.

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