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You have taught me many things about Philosophy – and believe me, I have wondered so many things. I wonder a lot about the future. I have a lot of questions…” (Arpan)

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About our workshops

In Melbourne, we offer small-group cross-curricular workshop programs for students at all year levels. Our experienced facilitators help students to develop their critical and creative thinking through collaborative dialogue, and to build their skills in enquiry, argument literacy, reflection and metacognition. We use high-quality stimulus materials to ignite curiosity and to spark discussions about fascinating questions on such diverse philosophical themes as fairness, freedom, identity, time and the mind. Every student receives individual attention and is encouraged to contribute fully.

Our workshop programs help students develop a sophisticated range of personal, social and intellectual dispositions and skills that are foundational for their success as students, as active citizens, and as thoughtful individuals.

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Students learn:

  • how to structure their thinking well.
  • how to express their thinking clearly and confidently to others.
  • how to work collaboratively to address controversies and problems with open-mindedness, fair-mindedness and respect for different points of view.
  • how to use evidence in an argument.
  • how to question the assumptions underlying different points of view.
  • how to evaluate different ideas, and discern which ideas are the most helpful or true.
  • how to reflect on the quality of their own reasoning (and how to improve it).

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Programs for all year levels

We cater to all year levels, from preschool to Year 12. Take a look at a sample of our workshop topics and learning goals for the various age groups.

  • Our new workshops for Preschool/Kinder/Prep children (aged 5 & 6) are an exciting addition to our repertoire. (Read more in our blog post Starting them young.)
  • Our inclusive Years 1 – 6 programs cater to whole classes (or multiple classes) of mixed ability. Our flagship student program is the prize-winning Big Questions philosophy mentoring program.
  • Our SEAL enrichment program for Years 7 – 10 presents intriguing workshops catering to especially bright students in Special Entry classes or other gifted and talented groups.
  • Our senior high school enrichment program for Years 11 & 12 students offers challenging, tailor-made workshops that develop students’ philosophical awareness beyond the VCE curriculum.


Further information

Principals, teachers and other school leaders are invited to contact us about our customised in-school workshops or to request a proposal and quote.

View our Terms and Conditions (student workshops).

You may wish to read the following academic article by our director, Michelle Sowey:

Sowey, Michelle. Unveiling and Packaging: A model for presenting philosophy in schoolsHuman Affairs31(4), 2021, pp. 398-408.  (Pre-print publicly available.)

We also provide professional development programs for teachers and school leaders.

In the modern age, an education is not a certificate for a job-for-life. It is a chance to develop skills and ideas and a love for learning which will stay with students long after any particular skill or job has passed its use-by date. As students learn to grapple with deep and important ideas (and big questions over which we disagree), they will gain the confidence needed to navigate an uncertain and changing world.”

Deputy Head of Philosophy (2011), University of Melbourne.

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