Terms and Conditions: Student workshops

Terms of payment
A non-refundable booking deposit is due upon confirmation of dates, and payable within 21 days of receipt of an invoice.
For each group, payment is charged in instalments, as follows:
• 50% of the term’s fee (less the booking fee) is due by the date of the first workshop of the term.
• The remainder of the term’s fee is due upon delivery of the final workshop of the term.

Requests to reschedule workshops
Requests to reschedule a workshop may be made to The Philosophy Club by email or by phone. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate a school’s request to reschedule, it may not be possible. If a school is unable to hold the existing schedule and The Philosophy Club is unable to reschedule the workshop, the cancellation fees policy will apply.

If a booking is made and subsequently cancelled, notification is to be made by email to The Philosophy Club.

Cancellation fees policy
Cancellation fees will apply as follows:
1. If a booking for a workshop is cancelled prior to fifty-nine (59) days of the first scheduled workshop, the non-refundable booking deposit applies.
2. If a booking for a workshop is cancelled between thirty (30) and fifty-nine (59) days of the scheduled workshop, 50% of the applicable fee is payable.
3. If a booking for a workshop is cancelled within twenty-nine (29) days of the scheduled workshop, the full applicable fee is payable.
4. The applicable fee is that fee which is payable if the cancellation had not occurred.
5. Should The Philosophy Club be required to cancel a workshop, any fees already paid by the school for that workshop will be refunded in full.

Terms and Conditions last updated 24 June 2018.