The Philosophy Club partners with schools and communities to build a culture of critical and creative thinking through collaborative philosophical enquiry.

We run prize-winning workshops for students, and hands-on training programs for teachers providing practical tools to extend students’ thinking.

We offer a vision for whole-school transformation, fostering a school-wide culture of effective thinking.
All our programs support deep learning, collaboration and self-efficacy.

Harkness 13

“I feel like my philosophy barometer has been switched on.”
(Teacher, Preshil: The Margaret Lyttle Memorial School)

We have partnered with a range of primary and secondary schools in the Melbourne area, as well as with universities and with local civic and cultural organisations including The City of Melbourne, Embiggen Books, The Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas and Library at The Dock.

We look forward to working with your school or learning community.

“The overwhelming feeling was that staff were very impressed and excited. You have inspired many teachers to re-evaluate how they question children, and how easy it is to get into the rut of just ‘delivering curriculum’. Thank you for igniting the interest of our staff and for inspiring us.”
(Assistant Principal, Birralee Primary School)