Parents speak



“[My daughter] loved all of it – she actually said: ‘I would do that every day if I could’. She was buzzing and sparkly and euphoric after the event. Thanks so much for giving her this opportunity. I really think this provocative and thoughtful activity is something that would appeal to a certain bunch of kids – and the friendships/ social aspect (meeting like-minded thinky friends) and the skills developed would be so valuable! [My daughter] has always been described as a ‘dreamer’, she loves to hypothesise and ask why. She is at a great school with enquiry based learning, but nothing has inspired her the way she was inspired by this session. I was really delighted to see how happy she was after the session!”

“Thanks for another brilliant session. You are filling such a void for our 10-year-old with this new kind of fun… He was absolutely buzzing with all the ideas and possibilities, and he really liked David [the facilitator].”

“My daughter Mia has come home discussing some incredible topics and with a new interest in the world around her. Not only has it stimulated her mind and challenged her to view things in a new way, but it has given her a new confidence in herself and her ability to contribute to discussions in a valuable and meaningful way. Every time I picked Mia up from The Philosophy Club, she had a huge grin on her face and I could hardly get a word in for Mia telling me about the “awesomely awesome” time she had… Thank you Michelle for your wonderful course and also the way in which you deliver it to the children with such enthusiasm, passion and devotion!”

“My daughter absolutely loved your workshop. She often had a faraway look in her eyes after it and I could see that it had stirred up thoughts in her mind. I think she also liked hanging around with a bunch of other young philosophers. She doesn’t have anything like this at school… So it seems to me that you are doing something very special and we love that you are doing it. My daughter would be very interested in joining you again.”

“We were so grateful you made the effort to run an introductory holiday course in Sydney. After attending your workshop, Ted was on a high. He came home buzzing, obviously stimulated and with what appeared to be a renewed sense self. We definitely hope to do more with you in the future.”

“I must thank you for teaching Aurora so much. You’ve opened her mind and made her so much more excited about her curiosity and it’s helped refine how she and I discuss issues. I’ve never seen her so enthused about anything before… She is beyond excited about returning. I think the work you are doing is wonderful and important.”

“Connor very much enjoyed participating in your workshops and is very enthusiastic about attending more activities… The topics of discussion and activities interested and challenged him and he very much enjoyed your company and that of the other children. So, you have a very big fan in Connor.”

“Thank you so very much for giving Avah the opportunity to reward her contemplative side. I think what you do is inspirational and quite special.”

“Great philosophical discussion… a really interesting and thought provoking experience for the kids. Otto was very interested in who/what controls us! His brother’s favourite discussions were about space travel and aliens. He would love to participate again.”

“Harriet really loves it – and I love hearing about it. Did she tell you it is ‘way better’ than philosophy at school?”

“Louis said the conversation was amazing, and loved how it flowed from one related topic to the next… He loved hearing others’ views… He thought you were fantastic!”

“As always, Michelle, you left our minds and hearts buzzing. Thanks for visiting!”

And from a grandparent: “Do you have any courses for 70 year old children? Or perhaps your time machine can make me 10 years old again. Keep up the wonderful work.”