Tailored professional learning services

Philosophy for children


We offer a range of flexible services, tailored to the needs of your school, including coaching, classroom observation and feedback, and school-wide support for collaborative professional learning. These services help to embed and sustain a culture of enquiry at your school, and cultivate teachers’ mastery of the skills and knowledge shared in our training programs and workshops.

We work with teachers on a one-to-one basis to help them gain confidence in facilitating philosophical enquiry, achieve their facilitation goals and overcome the particular challenges they face. We build supportive and trusting relationships with individual teachers, listening to their concerns and goals and establishing a shared vision and a shared vocabulary for collaboration. Our conversations are levers for change: we help teachers add new techniques to their repertoire and continuously improve their classroom practice. Our coaching empowers teachers to improve their own powers of observation and to reflect on their experiences in more productive ways.

Classroom observation and feedback
A central pillar of our approach is to conduct classroom observation that focuses on agreed areas of skill mastery. We follow each observation session with meaningful, supportive and constructive feedback based on the observational data. Our feedback is part of an ongoing formative process that strikes a balance between reinforcing teachers’ strengths and addressing areas of challenge. We empower teachers to master and fine-tune specific facilitation techniques that are known to improve student outcomes. Monthly classroom observation sessions are recommended to enable follow-through and long-term charting of progress.

School-wide support for collaborative professional learning
We help to foster a school-wide culture of professional sharing, experimentation and critique that bootstraps individual teachers’ skill-level in facilitating philosophical enquiry. We lay the foundations for developing cohesive, high-functioning teams that support their members through the productive sharing of experiences and expertise. We help establish collaborative modes of professional learning whereby teachers work together to set targets, track progress towards goals, refine skills and workshop new practices. By harnessing collective efforts for whole-school improvement, we help schools turn ‘best practice’ into common practice.

Self-led PD for teaching teams
We provide a structured course for teaching teams to work together at mastering the skills essential to effective facilitation. Included are individual reflection exercises, group discussion guides and procedures to extend teachers as facilitators.

Staffroom seminars and curriculum workshops
We deliver customised seminars on any aspect of collaborative enquiry or on any philosophical subject area, such as ethics, political philosophy or the philosophy of science. This is an excellent way to prepare for a new enquiry unit or to go deeper into the art of facilitation.

We can also assist your teaching teams in preparing lessons that weave philosophy into specific curricular themes.



We partner with schools to work towards the specific outcomes that school leaders and teachers are seeking.


Our tailored professional learning services are variously designed for individual teachers, teaching and learning teams, or larger groups of teaching staff.
We deliver our coaching, classroom observation and school-wide support at negotiated times, on the school premises.

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