World Philosophy Day: What about the kids?

World Philosophy Day - What about the kids?

Illustration by Conrad Roset & Maria Diamantes

We know that children benefit in diverse and important ways from engaging in philosophical questioning and dialogue. So why do so few primary schools in Australia dedicate class time to broad philosophical enquiry, or to the explicit teaching of critical and creative thinking?

My article Teaching philosophy to children?, published in The Guardian on World Philosophy Day, addresses this question and presents an appeal for philosophical enquiry to be more widely embraced in our primary school classrooms.

Enjoy the article and the spirited debate that followed – and please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

"I've started to actually solve arguments and problems with philosophy, and it works better than violence or anything else."

Illustration by Sato Kanae, with a quote by a ten-year-old Little Philosopher.

The Philosophy Club runs co-curricular and extra-curricular workshops for children in Australia.


3 responses to “World Philosophy Day: What about the kids?

  1. the space for lively debate that does not refer in some way to commercial matters is getting narrower and narrower- those of us who think that life is so much the poorer for this need to speak up more luodly. and challenge

  2. Marco, thank you for adding your voice to the chorus – and for supporting the next generation of thinkers in your own admirable way. And Christopher, thanks for sharing this post!

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