Playground Philosopher

picture-book philosophy

Have you visited Playground Philosopher? It’s our other blog, exploring the philosophy in picture books. It presents gorgeous illustrations, questions to stimulate lively dialogue among children (or adults!), playful activities with a philosophical bent, and related quotes from notable thinkers from ancient times to the present day.

Today’s post on Playground Philosopher takes a look at Tom Gauld’s profound and tragicomic story, The Gigantic Robot. What makes a goal worth striving for? Is a longer life more meaningful than a shorter life? And how can you train your very own robot? Have a peek over at Playground Philosopher.

The Gigantic Robot cover

The Philosophy Club runs co-curricular and extra-curricular workshops for children in Australia.


2 responses to “Playground Philosopher

  1. I have just popped over to the playground. I wasn’t aware of it before. Looks to be some good things there, but maybe hasn’t been active for a while?

  2. Hi Norah, yes sadly I haven’t been able to update Playground Philosopher lately. There’s just not enough time in the day! I’m glad you found something of value there, anyway. I fondly hope to return to it one day.

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