Reflections on our Sydney summer program

Young philosophers

A resounding ‘thank you’ to the children who participated in our first Sydney summer program. What a responsive, eloquent, sociable and open-minded bunch! They fearlessly took on new intellectual challenges – and had a bundle of fun in the process.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll continue to post excerpts from the kids’ dialogues on The Philosophy Club facebook page. Why not subscribe to the facebook page for daily insights into the developing minds of kids, plus an assortment of intriguing philosophical questions to mull over in your coffee break?

Philosophy for children (P4C)

It was an absolute joy to do Philosophy with this group of kids over two half-days, and wonderful to have the enthusiasm and strong support of their parents. I look forward to a return to Sydney for more philosophical adventures in holidays to come.

Photography by Michelle Sowey

The Philosophy Club runs co-curricular and extra-curricular workshops for children in Australia.


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