Critical and Creative Thinking (short seminar)



This seminar is not currently available. Please contact us with any enquiries.
Philosophy for children


This 1.5 hour workshop for teachers is an accessible primer about using collaborative philosophical enquiry to foster the ACARA general capability of Critical and Creative Thinking.

Critical and Creative Thinking comprises a discrete set of knowledge and skills not located within any curricular learning area.


Participants learn practical pedagogical strategies and techniques for engaging students in the various components of Critical and Creative Thinking, as well as tools for measuring student progress so as to meet biennial reporting requirements.

The workshop introduces a proven approach that enables students to coherently enquire into concepts; to imaginatively generate ideas; to rigorously analyse, synthesise, and evaluate ideas and reasoned arguments; and to reflect on their thinking processes with metacognitive awareness.



Critical and Creative Thinking: The ACARA general capability runs for 1.5 hours in your school’s professional development time, at a time of your choosing.

It is designed for a group of 6 – 22 teachers and/or school leaders.

This workshop takes place on school premises (or at a venue organised by the school).

Please contact us for further information.