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You have taught me many things about Philosophy – and believe me, I have wondered so many things. I wonder a lot about the future. I have a lot of questions…” (Arpan)

Young Philosophers YM + TS1

The Philosophy Club is based in Australia. We offer in-school and extra-curricular workshops for children in and near MELBOURNE – and occasional programs ELSEWHERE – for small groups of children aged 8 to 14.

Find out what makes The Philosophy Club unique and what workshop topics we offer for different age-groups. For more information, or to register your interest, please contact The Philosophy Club. We look forward to hearing from you!

Teachers and school leaders are invited to contact us about our tailored in-school workshops including student programs (such as the Big Questions philosophy mentoring program) and professional development programs for teachers.

Please contact us about our offerings, or subscribe to our occasional newsletter.

We arrange workshops and holiday programs for children in response to demand. Please express your interest and let us know your child’s age and your date preferences so that we can plan accordingly.

We are often asked whether we can bring our programs to other locations in Australia. We are available to conduct school-based programs for students and/or teachers on a consultancy basis. Please contact us for further information.

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Invention for saving endangered animals

In the modern age, an education is not a certificate for a job-for-life. It is a chance to develop skills and ideas and a love for learning which will stay with students long after any particular skill or job has passed its use-by date. As students learn to grapple with deep and important ideas (and big questions over which we disagree), they will gain the confidence needed to navigate an uncertain and changing world.”

Deputy Head of Philosophy (2011), University of Melbourne.

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